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I’m not the smartest, or even the most creative. But I am the most competitive. A passion to win and deliver results combined with a creative mind gives me an edge in the world of SEO and content strategy. I’m a full time content strategist looking to build my portfolio and help business and website owners meet their goals. Contact me for freelancing opportunities or just to chat content.

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James Houser - Digital Outreach Manager - iAcquire

I am happy to say that Milton far exceeded any expectation I had for him and for the position. He was able to quickly come in, absorb the material, and compete for top spot on the team almost immediately.

Milton was never afraid to ask the tough questions and was always looking to better his craft and the teams overall process. Within a couple months, other managers had caught wind of his excellence and started to negotiate with me to get him moved over. Eventually the move did occur and he continued to thrive and rise to the top once again. Milton is one of those workers that any manager or company would be over joyed to have and to work with.


iAcquire Colleagues - Employee Of The Year Nominations

Over the past year, I believe Milton has made the largest strides both professionally and personally. He’s taken on the biggest accounts, is client facing, more outdoing. Things we couldn’t foresee a year ago. He continues to grow and bust his butt every single day. Everyone respects him the office.

Because he does so much and I don’t know how he finds the time for all of it. He’s awesome. He deserves this award more than anyone.


Anita Malik - VP of Content Operations - ClearVoice

The most effective strategy is born from the perfect combination of creativity and analysis. Milton is one of those rare types that can meld both sides to deliver a well thought out content strategy that helps clients engage and retain their audience. Milton’s work ethic and consistency exceed expectations. He is a true asset to any team both as a individual contributor and as a leader.

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